Is she a spender...
or a save

What drives your customer's financial decision-making?
Qudo's research answers your most important questions

Why Qudo?
Qudo gives you access to zero-party market research data, data-driven insights and a wide range of segments based on consumer financial behaviour.

We collect data from thousands of consumers on a regular basis meaning our insights are some of the most precise and current on the market.

We design research projects, execute them, analyse market behaviours and package it all in the Qudo platform ready for you to consume.
Access FREE segment insights, now!
Join our beta programme for access to free data, insights and segmentations - all precision ad targeting enabled. All we ask for is your feedback!
Access FREE segment insights, now!
Join our beta programme for access to free data, insights and segmentations - all precision ad targeting enabled. All we ask for is your feedback!
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Your marketing strategy is only as good as the data that powers it

Qudo's comprehensive research data is collected from:


We collect data from the UK and the USA, with even more  global markets coming soon

Thousands of consumers in each country respond to our surveys all at once - providing an accurate snapshot of consumer behaviour and data that can be compared between areas of interest
Variables per user

Each survey provides us with thousands of high-quality data features from which Qudo’s AI generates expert insights, segmentations and ready-to-go personas.

We access users across more than 300 data panels in each market to remove pre-selection bias

We're at the top of the market research industry: our studies are refreshed once a quarter, so our data is always current. 

No more guesswork

You'll have access to all of Qudo's studies, complete with expertly analyzed insights and full segmentation data.

Say goodbye to the tedious task of sifting through tonnes of data to find what's useful. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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Know your customers on a deeper level

Qudo gives you instant access to the latest consumer financial insights.

We identify the audiences most relevant to your business, providing you not only with data findings and insights - but with comprehensive in-depth personas and creative inspiration. We help you understand how to best connect to your audiences on a personal level so you can deliver memorable campaigns with impact.

Deliver tailored targeting

Our Precision Activation Engine finds the best segments to target - and matches their persona characteristics to your advertising targeting - eliminating the need to spend hours figuring out criteria for each platform.

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Uploading audiences in seconds, not hours

You can seamlessly upload your targeted audience segments with just a click. You avoid the time and hassle of doing this manually, and your campaigns are seen by the right customers that much faster.
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Unlimited, effortless activation

Our team has mapped out all criteria available on Meta and Google Ads. Qudo will automatically pre-select the targetable traits for you when you go to activate your targeted campaigns.

Data quality delivered

The quality and variety of data produced by our research team make our data the most significant for consumer behaviour. We analyse markets, design research projects and execute them so that you don’t have to think about it.

Safe, zero-party data that’s ‘evergreen’

Qudo runs on powerful zero-party data - meaning that respondents share it knowingly and willingly, and it will always be in compliance. You’ll  get the most accurate information directly from customers - without the hassle of storing their personal information- making your GDPR worries a thing of the past.



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