Qudo insights cover: 💵Retail Finance,🍔Food & Beverages,📱Consumer Tech and 🗺️Travel & Leisure

Answers are better than data

Join Qudo for free and access market research, pre-made Insights, Segments and Personas. Then upload them on Meta Ads or Google Ads in one click, and watch our ROAS grow x3 times!

Our Alpha testing showed a conversion improvement between 300% and 600%
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Ready-to-go insights that don't require your analysis. Just click and activate our top converting audiences! Access our free consumer insights for 💵Retail Finance,🍔Food & Beverages,📱Consumer Tech and 🗺️Travel & Leisure today!

Qudo gives you the answers you need right out of the box 


Your marketing strategy is only
as good as the data that powers it

Qudo is based on statistically relevant research designed by PhDs and International lecturers


Our team conducts research in the UK and the US (more coming)

we don't stop until we have an objective statistically relevant model of a country
Data points

Each study includes hundreds of data points, making our segments and personas super detailed

We aggregate more than 300 data panels to remove pre-selection bias

Our studies are refreshed once a quarter, so our data is always current

Your Market Segmented ✅

Instead of giving you endless tables of data, we give you the answers you need so that you can remove uncertainty in minutes.

Read, click, launch!

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Ready-made personas 👥

We produce individual personas for each segment of the market so that you can learn what makes them tick. 

Valuable consumer insights, in plain English 

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Custom Audiences in 1 click👍

All it takes is one click and Qudo will upload the persona you picked onto your ad panel.

Yes, it's that simple!

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