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Qudo joins End-to-End Consumer Research with Activation to help build meaningful customer connections, all under one roof. Using zero-party data, Qudo identifies new audience segments and surfaces the most important insights in order to power your improved engagement, acquisition and ROI.

Uncovering crucial insights to get ahead of the competition. Discover valuable consumer insight that impacts your conversion, seamlessly - from insight to activation.

Acting quickly on quality customer insights has never been more critical to keep customers connected to your brand. Our beta programme gives you early access to the future of zero-party data powered insights and activation.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What's in it for me?

Becoming a beta tester with Qudo gives you access to the following:

  • Early  access to our platform for the duration of the programme, for free.
  • Quality research insights using zero-party data
  • Segmentation including detailed segment profiling
  • Precision targeting with seamless integration with Facebook and Google
  • Regular updates with new segmentations, segments and targeting criteria to activate upon
  • The opportunity to actively contribute to the development of our ground-breaking service

How does the Closed Beta programme work?

Once you are accepted in our beta testing programme, you’ll get full access to our SaaS platform for the duration of the programme, for free. As a member of our beta testing programme, we may invite you to complete a set of product-related tasks. At the end of the programme you’ll still be able to access all free services but you’ll be charged for our premium services.

What are the requirements to be accepted into the programme?

During our beta programme our testers may be requested to complete a set of product-related tasks, including:

  • Online surveys
  • Usability tests
  • One-to-one interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Campaign A/B testing

How does the A/B testing work?

As a Qudo beta tester, you’ll have the opportunity to run your digital campaigns on Google and Facebook using our targeting criteria, for free. As a part of our validation process, we may ask you to run an A/B testing campaign to measure the value increment gained using Qudo vs your traditional campaigns.

How can I join the programme?

To join our testing programme, simply submit your details using the form above. Once submitted, your request will be included in our waiting list. Our team will contact you in due course to activate your beta tester account.

How can I leave the programme?

You can leave the programme at any time, by sending an email to info@qudo.ai. A member of our team will reach out to deactivate your account.


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Qudo 3D is the Precision Activation Platform of the future, today. Qudo is the result of years of work by our team of experts in research, data science, marketing and engineering all focussing on precision targeting. We've harnessed the power of AI to create a platform putting the answers to your most important activation questions in the palm of your hand. Be a part of the team delivering the future of precision activation; help us to build the best marketing tool by giving us your inputs by signing up to the beta today.